EShare Programs

1.  Plastics Program

Estimates predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish. Today, approximately 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year and since plastic does not biodegrade, it poses a significant threat to marine wildlife and contaminates our food chain. Every one of us can make a difference through the choices we make on a daily basis by reducing our single-use plastic. OCA plastic programs works towards educating family and friends on what they can do to live plastic-free, and supporting policies that promote plastic-free communities. 

2.   Coral Nursery Restoration Program

In collaboration with Dr. Craig Dahlgren, Perry Institute of Marine Sciences, Coral Vita and others, OCA and our partners work to establish a Coral Nursery Restoration Program, located within the proposed 215,000 acre Long Island Marine Protected Area. This program is to be carried out as a nationally sanctioned program.

3.   Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) for proposed Long Island  Marine Protected Area (MPA)

Based on the Nov 18-19, 2013 and July 25-27, 2016 LI community stakeholder meetings,  in reference to the establishment of the proposed 257,000 acre Long Island Marine Management Area (LIMMA), and in direct response to a recommendation by the University of Florida Conservation Clinic Levin College of Law. In direct relation to the area defined by the stakeholders as a Multi Use Marine Management Area, we are required to perform a Rapid Ecological Assessment of this area. This assessment is to be preformed under the authority of he Bahamas National Trust and the Bahamas Govt and is required to submit to the Bahamas Government; Minister of Environment. This necessary assessment provides critical habitat data needed to pass legislation.

4.   Nassau Grouper – Bahamas Grouper Moon Program

Under the authority and guidance of lead scientist Dr. Craig Dahlgren, OCA will conduct research around the Southern Bahamas at the largest known Nassau Grouper SPAG remaining on the planet. In December Jan & Feb Full Moon phases. This is in follow up to our 2014 successful Grouper Moon Expedition. The mission will be to collect data on numbers and health of the species while filming the Spawning Aggregation activities, like never before utilizing manned submersibles, and the expert dive team aborad the “R/V Go America”. This is a Historic Mission.



On the recommendation of the UF-Conservation Clinic, Levin College of Law, MPAnews, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Guy Harvey and many others…OCA has established our unique Eshare programs to grow a broad community involvement, locally, nationally and internationally, of the proposed 215,000 acre Long Island Marine Management Area (LIMMA) and the OCA Research and Education Facilities. All funds generated by our EShare programs are utilized in conjunction with the proposed Facility and LIMMA; necessary to operate our facility, carry out expeditions, purchase equipment, and operate the business as needed.  The EShare programs as listed works along with with policymakers, Govt. agencies, researchers, scientists, educators and the broader community towards best management, repairing and protection of their environment!

Special note: For funding opportunities on any of our programs with detailed operations and cost breakdown available on request by contacting: